Sabtu, 01 November 2008

stupid me.

In my previous days, i get bored with my blog's template so i decided to renew it. But i forgot about something imporrtant, BACK UP! Since i didn't make any back up files, now i lose them all such as the hit counter, chatbox, my jaychou music hiks hiks. I did something stupid well. So all the things now have to start from zero again. Bad!

note: if i haven't put your link here, please let me know friends =) i'll put it asap.

Yes, so here is my new template after one day long struggled with all the codes to be edited. I am a lil bit crazy now. Hahaha. I hope all of you love my new template. Isn't enough to replace my old one? I hope so.

2 Komentar:

Blogger Tha..^^ mengatakan...

gw juga pernah
ilang aja loh gitu semua link temen2nya
iiihhhh mau marah

1 November 2008 11.31  
Anonymous mustikasari mengatakan...

hiyaaaaaaaaa lupaa loowh?
ahh tapi yg ini jg cute kok, liv! :)
selamat yaa template baruu :D

1 November 2008 22.10  

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