Kamis, 10 Juli 2008

Leopard Collections

yes, i am now desperately in love with Leopard Things! First impression with Leopard is because my mom gimme her Guess bag with leopard touch and when i was wearing it with my black sack dress, OMG, leopard makes a big miracle to me! Looks Good then at the next second, i falling in love with Leopard Things!

(i haven't take a pic on the Bag, later ya..)

Here are 2 (two) Leopard Things i loved rite now (malu baru koleksi 2 item huhuhuhu):

-----> i bought dis in Accessology, one of my fave online store, the owner named Ogine, so friendly and all her stuffs-accesories- are so cute and good in quality!! i already bought dis one..

--> this is my 2nd Leopard Things! this is a flat shuz from Charles and Keith, and it was given by my Daddy.. (my Dad Win a fishing competition..so he bought me dis shuz)... very comfy to wear..my fave flat this time...
i am gonna collect more leopard items at the soonest! love it. love it.

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