Senin, 07 Juli 2008

Here We Are

Please, do not imagine us as slim as da lookin dis pic.. hahaha.. dis pic was take last nu year eve.. in my uncle's home, we were celebrating nu year of 2008 (OMG, now we are in the middle of 2008, time's flying so fast beib!)..

the lil girl is Milly (sweety and smart girl) , Now, she's in khuntien for school and will come again to Jakarta @ our wedding's day. She's gonna be one of my flower girls @ church.

so, i just remembered dat the nite was so romantic and fun. since my big family had a BBQ Party then before 00.00 we went to the tooproof to see many fireworks..sooo beautiful and romantic (because i had my honey beside me :P)

then my mind is flying to the next nu year eve 2009. where will we be? but for sure, i will be his wife and he will be my hubby for the next nu year eve.

How ABout Celebrate it in BALI? Let's See... :)

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